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I noticed that dependent roles are now available on roles (which is great!). I am struggling to figure out how to get that to actually influence the order in which roles are executed. Not matter what I do, that order is always the same (the order as the roles appear in the "Servers" tab).

I created a simple test scenario, where I have 3 roles, where RoleA (Dependent on RoleB), RoleB (Dependent on RoleC), and RoleC (no dependencies). Would expect the order to be RoleC executes 1st, RoleB executes second, and RoleA last. But I was unable to influence the order of the execution.

Product: Otter
Version: 1.5.5

That was supposed to be hidden from the UI because it didn't work correctly in some cases and we needed to get 1.5.4/5 out as soon as we could so it was rolled back at the last minute, apparently except for the part where you add them :-(.

Regardless, this feature is coming soon, hopefully in the next maintenance release!

Thanks Tod, I guess I was overly enthusiastic for this feature ;)

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