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I've been trying different organizations of our setup by defining multiple environments, but as i'm adding new environments I've noticed a massive slow down in general navigation of the Otter instance. Many pages were taking significantly longer to load. Especially when accessing the History page for previously run Jobs.

The most recent setup contained 13 environments. Some nested environments included. (up to two levels). Accessing the history page took just short of 2 minutes.

The only thing I have recently changed in our setup is the environment structure so I backed-up/restored to a different machine and verified the same slowness. On this new instance I deleted a majority of the environments, going back down to 4 (with only one having a child) and the history page will reliably load in 15 seconds.

For reference the largest environment setup looks something like this:

  • ENV1
  • CHILD1
  • ENV2
  • ENV3
  • CHILD1
  • CHILD2
  • CHILD3
  • CHILD4

There appears to be some major or extra processing happening when having many environments. Is this expected behavior and should I be looking to restructure our instance in a different way or is this a bug?

Product: Otter
Version: 1.5.5

Further troubleshooting seems to have helped. I rebuilt everything on SQL Express 16 instead of the included version 5 included with the installer and everything appears blazing fast at the moment with the more complex setup in place. I'll keep toying with it, but any insight you may have is appreciated. Thanks!

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