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Right now we currently use geminabox to store and serve our ruby gems, but we'd like to migrate them over to proget, as that is where we are storing everything else. I've managed to migrate all our ruby gems easily enough, but gaining access to them is another matter.

To restore our gems we use bundler to grab the gems and pull them down. This system is used by our devs and by our automated teamcity systems. Ideally we'd like to implement proget in a way that we could simply switch our standard dns entry to point to the proget ruby feed with no action required for our devs (who currently don't need to store any credentials anywhere.) However when trying to implement this with proget we were encountering issues. Is it possible to get proget set up so we can read and download from a feed anonymously? Proget is hooked up to ldap. I was told we could use api keys to accomplish this, but I haven't found out how to get this done. As of right now they need to save their AD credentials in plain text on their computers which is far from optimal, and even then we're having SSL Certificate issues with our custom ssl certificate and ruby, both which are fairly big stumbling blocks in implementing this.


  • Marshall Wilson

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.10

This should work as you describe if you grant the user "Anonymous" the "View and Download Packages" task for the gems feed.

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