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I am having issues troubleshooting executions of servers in Otter with this screen. It has 3 buttons that don't do anything. Why can't the information just be displayed? The "Set Execution Status" button does not do anything, and the other two buttons "View Log Text" and "Download Full Log" only open up another tab in Chrome to the same screen. This does nothing to assist with troubleshooting. Where or how can I troubleshoot these systems? Thanks!

Product: Otter
Version: 2.1.1

Are you actually on v2.1.1? This should have been fixed as part of OT-238 in 2.0.10

Yes, I am on 2.1.1. I usually upgrade within 48 hours of new release and a backup of previous DB.

Sometimes there is a rendering problem on the page; I've seen this a while back for some executions that weren't dispatched, and the page didn't know how to handle it. Can't remember when it was fixed.

That would be my guess; that it's crashing during rendering the page, and displaying bad data (empty buttons). In that case, try to gather more info about the state of the execution.

George, thanks for the reply. My point was being this page prevents one from finding out what issues are going on as it displays no relevant information. I am not sure where else I am going to find this information without digging in the SQL database, which I really don't want to do/ have time to do.

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