How to Win at CI/CD and Influence Leaders

Companies without an organized, automated deployment process cannot maintain the release velocity required to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced markets. This eBook shows you how BuildMaster empowers you to easily setup a CI/CD pipeline using your current personnel and tools.

What will you get from this eBook?

  • How to choose a CI/CD Proof of Concept test case to demonstrate its value to stakeholders.
  • How to build Artifacts using a CI/CD tool, or import them from a CI server.
  • How to build a deployment plan that integrates variables, server groupings, and configuration files.
  • How to establish a process that allows the business to request and see the status of changes through a release cycle.
  • How to create an iterative release process that lets you automate the decisions surrounding build releases.
  • How to create a low-risk environment to drive CI/CD adoption via incremental cultural changes.
  • Tips for overcoming management’s fears of the first CI/CD deployment to a Production environment.
  • And more!

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