Windows-first Guide to Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Configuration Automation

Agile Development principles are useless if Operations cannot keep up with the release velocity. This eBook teaches you how Otter remediates configuration drift across teams and locations, and automatically provisions and configures servers whenever required. Use it to ensure Operations is never a barrier to accelerating release cadence to meet the demands of the market.

What will you get from this eBook?

  • Gain insight into configuration drift including how it applies across environments, how to use it to monitor servers for unexpected changes, and how you can use variables to simplify your configuration.
  • Learn what server configuration means, the practice of declarative configuration management, and how to use server roles.
  • See how to use Otter’s Orchestration Jobs to eliminate the pain of declarative configuration.
  • Get the full picture of how Otter can improve your team’s user experience.
  • Understand how to incorporate CI/CD principles into your infrastructure.
  • Get tips for creating organizational buy-in for Otter and its capabilities.
  • And more!

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