Mastering NuGet for the Enterprise

Picking up NuGet is easy. Getting good at it takes time. Mastering it takes work.

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The Ins and Outs

Understanding NuGet Complexities

Jumping into NuGet is complex and intimidating. It’s a mature technology with a long history.

But complexity should be the least of your worries with NuGet. What if someone on your team uses a package…

  • with vulnerabilities, like Log4Shell that allow attackers to execute remote commands?
  • licensed under GPL-3, which requires that the entire code base is open-sourced, under the threat of lawsuits and copyright damages?

Mastering NuGet requires much more than tech knowledge, your team needs to know how to use them together.

Master NuGet:

License & Vulnerability Scanning

CI/CD and Versioning

Delivery & Management

Package Debugging