Level Up Your Entire Team’s PowerShell

It’s not just about the skills. Invest in the people who power your PowerShell and watch your team LEVEL UP!

Level Up Today

Want to get better at PowerShell?
It pays to be a team player.

By writing, organizing, commenting on, and testing your PowerShell with lower-experience team members in mind, you create both a resilient PowerShell ecosystem and a team equipped to keep it functioning as expected.

All the tricks and tools in the world can’t do the people parts for you, but they can be a boon once you’ve embraced the PowerShell-people-first mindset.

You’ll Learn:

Package Best Practices

How to Create the “Perfect” Script

How to Easily Create Custom GUIs

Version/Source Control Basics

How to Create Modules

How to Calculate Your Batch Migration Difficulty

The Best PowerShell Tools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this guide for?

Your whole PowerShell team, from novice to veteran. This guide outlines PowerShell package basics, organizational best practices, and how to level up your “lower XP” members faster while empowering your PowerShell “Wizards.” 

Is it really free?

Yup! Free, no charge, complimentary, $0.00. All of our guides are completely free and are meant for you to use and share with your team, friends, family members, and anyone else that you think could benefit! 

I’m not exactly a PowerShell expert. Is this a hyper-technical guide?

This is the PERFECT guide for you. A lot of PowerShell documentation and guides are needlessly technical. This free e-book will help build your foundational understanding of PowerShell and comes with simple-to-understand advice and guides.