Our training and certification program provides the resources and opportunity to help you and your team get up to speed with our DevOps tools. Whether you've recently adopted our tools, or are looking for a refresher after a recent upgrade, training is an easy solution for gaining confidence and proficiency.

Our courses are offered on a per class basis for groups of up to 20 students. Have a group larger than 20 or interested in multiple courses? Contact us for a custom training and certification quote.

This course will cover basic BuildMaster terminology and fundamental concepts. Touching on how to use BuildMaster for common use cases.

Length: 1 Full Day or 2 Half Days

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Introduction to BuildMaster 101

Course #ARA-101

Designed to provide the basic skills needed for those who use BuildMaster regularly but who are not responsible for maintaining or managing the instance.

Building on the concepts discussed in the introductory training, this multi-day course will go more in-depth on best practices, implementation, and designing a more complex application release process using OtterScript.

Length: 2 Days

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Intermediate BuildMaster 201

Course #ARA-201

Designed for Development and Operations personnel who interface with BuildMaster daily.

This course will work extensively with the BuildMaster SDK and will requires certification in both the introductory and intermediate proficiency.

Length: 1 Full Day or 2 Half Days

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Advanced BuildMaster 301

Course #ARA-301

This advanced course is meant for Development and Operations personnel who are tasked with building, customizing, and extending BuildMaster’s functionality.

A virtual seminar covering the best practices for package management with NuGet, the open-source package manager for .NET libraries.

This seminar is for persons of varying skill levels; whether already familiar, or completely new to NuGet.

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NuGet Virtual Seminar Event

Designed for Software Development personnel who are responsible for creating, maintaining, or managing .NET libraries, or those who are exploring NuGet as a packaging solution.

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DevOps Fundamentals

DASA qualification Program: DevOps Fundamentals

This course will build a greater understanding for DevOps concepts, terminology, and the fundamental competencies centered around Lean and Agile methodologies.

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Certification is a great way to ensure you and your team have the knowledge and ability to excel in a DevOps world. Earning certifications validate your skills and provide assurance of your capabilities to current and future employers.

At the end on each course, you will have the option to take a certification test. This option allows you to demonstrate your understanding and proficiency of the Inedo tooling implemented at your organization.

Self-taught and confident in your skills? We provide the option to become certified via an online proctored exam.

Certifications are valid for 24 months and if you wish to stay certified at the end of this time span, simply take our recertification test, good for another 24 months.