Our products facilitate increased automation across the software development lifecycle, and are an integral part of successful DevOps adoptions. However, our enterprise solution is more than just adopting a new tool, our training and certification offerings help teams learn fundamentals, define best practices, and provides hands-on experience - overall establishing base competence for the entire team. We have a variety of courses offered both virtually and on-site by an Inedo certified instructor, allowing everyone to receive the training and support they need.


Our courses are offered on a per class basis for groups of up to 20 students. For a group larger than 20, or to bundle multiple courses fill out a training and certification quote request.


Certification is a great way to ensure you and your team have the knowledge and ability to excel in a DevOps world. Earning certifications validate your skills and provide assurance of your capabilities to current and future employers.

At the end on each course, you will have the option to take a certification test. This option allows you to demonstrate your understanding and proficiency of the Inedo tooling implemented at your organization.

Self-taught and confident in your skills? We provide the option to become certified via an online proctored exam.

Certifications are valid for 24 months and if you wish to stay certified at the end of this time span, simply take our recertification test, good for another 24 months.