.NET Series: The Future is… On-prem CI/CD?

Learn how and why companies are switching to BuildMaster for self-hosted CI/CD for .NET Web and Cloud Applications

This webinar was on: JUNE 28, 2023 (watch the recording)

The “Cloud” certainly isn’t going anywhere, but the “Cloud-Native Strategy” of putting all of your IT eggs in the Azure basket might just be this generation’s OS/2 Warp or Sun Microsystems.

With Microsoft betting the farm on Azure, what does that mean for how you’ll build and deploy your .NET applications? And what about GitHub, the maybe-replacement of Azure DevOps? And how does Windows, NuGet, and Docker fit into all of this?

Join Founder & CEO Alex Papadimoulis for a discussion of these CI/CD trends and a hands-on demonstration of how BuildMaster addresses all these challenges:

  • Self-hosted, cross-platform CI/CD reduces risks, lowers costs, and simplifies hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Integrate multiple Git services and legacy source control repos to get consistency across all applications
  • Simplify modern and legacy builds of .NET Core, Framework, NuGet Packages, and Docker container images
  • Consistently deploy applications to Windows (IIS, Service), Linux, Azure, AWS, and Docker servers
  • Prevent vulnerabilities and unwanted licenses at the pipeline level and give visibility to everyone involved
  • Low/No-code automation that allows everyone on the team to understand and maintain CI/CD pipelines