Your Tools. Your Way. 

BuildMaster’s flexible tool integrations extends to integrating CI Servers across disparate business units so you can bring them all together. Homegrown or acquired teams can set up new servers or use existing ones. 

Stop trying to dictate CI server choices down to developers. With BuildMaster, it’s easy to keep teams on the same page, even when they don’t use the same tools. 

Enterprise DevOps with YOUR CI Server

Azure DevOps and GitLab require you to get rid of your CI server. Adopting them means trading a very capable and specific tool for an add-on to a monolithic application. In contrast, BuildMaster integrates with your CI severs, so you have freedom to build and deploy with whatever tech stack you want. 

Eliminate the DevOps poison pill that requires you to throw out the personalized CI infrastructure you invested a lot of time and money into and trade it for a cookie-cutter tool controlled by a corporate conglomerate. 

Full Business Stakeholder Visibility and Control with BuildMaster

Replaces the useless logs and checkboxes of CI tools with clear, real-language change request updates.

Substitutes inefficient manual update requests with a single dashboard displayingreal-time build-in-flight status updates.

Eliminates confusion around deployment decisions by visually presenting the bugs in a build that impact release requirements.

Translates developers’ project-based release organization into an application-based format, so it’s easy to know what applications are released into what environments, by whom, and at what time.

Transforms long and obscure release numbers with a version number release number injected directly into the CI server source code.

End-to-end Application Management

CI servers specialize in eliminating merge conflict. They check in code, immediately compile it, and then test it to make sure that it works. But they can’t create a build for deployment. In contrast, BuildMaster manages applications from source control through to production.  

Sometimes you need a CI server for a CI job. Other times — like with microservices — adding a CI server to a very simple build and deploy process can do more harm than good. 

Don’t Settle for the Restrictions of Deployment-only Tools

Deployment-only tools force developers to alter and package up their code in a very specific manner. BuildMaster lets you import however you’d like. 

Moreover, these deployment-only tools also don’t model the end-to-end process — they only pick up after the CI process is finished. With BuildMaster you can create a build and then automatically compile it in your CI server, automatically send the link to the artifacts, and then deploy them. It’s full end-to-end visibility and functionality.

Enterprise Brands Use BuildMaster for CI/CD

Instant, Automatic Artifact Transfers

Having Development teams email Operations teams with a link and a note that says “please deploy this :-)” is inefficient at best and a disaster waiting to happen at worst.

With BuildMaster, your Operations teams can just hook into your CI server directly and download the artifacts. It’s easy to add deployment onto the existing automation that developers build within the CI servers themselves. 

All Your CI Servers — Working in Harmony

Multiple application components can run on several different CI servers. In that environment: 

– Completing change requests requires either institutional knowledge of where applications live or a manual, ad hoc discovery process. 

– Migrating from one CI server to another requires running multiple versions to mitigate the risk of an across-the-board upgrade breaking all of the old builds. 

BuildMaster eliminates these problems. You can connect any number of disparate CI servers — both old and new — and unify them into one application. It’s easy to connect across preexisting servers or spin up a new server on an updated tool version and use it in the same application. 

A Single Release Number Across All Your Systems and Tools. 

Using fragmented tool chains results in different build and release codes across your entire CI/CD pipeline. No one remembers how they match up with one another and cross-referencing all the systems takes time and risks human error. 

With BuildMaster, there is a single, consistent release and build number to use throughout everything. BuildMaster:  

Orchestrates your CI server, saying, “Hey CI server, go run this build for me.”
Goes to your CI server and says, “Hey CI server, let me have one of the builds you’ve already created.” 
Listens when your CI server says, “Hey BuildMaster, I’ve finished, now go deploy this for me automatically.”