Windows Download

BuildMaster on Windows is managed by the Inedo Hub

Linux Download

BuildMaster on Linux is hosted in Docker

BuildMaster Container Image

First Steps on Windows

BuildMaster will install on any supported version of Windows; simply click through the Hub installer to get BuildMaster up and running in minutes. During installation you will select the edition you wish to install (Enterprise or free), or enter an existing license key.

Getting Started

New to BuildMaster? Go through our Getting Started tutorial, and you will learn how to deploy a simple ASP.NET web application through a pipeline to create a repeatable release process.

Upgrading BuildMaster

You can upgrade BuildMaster from any previous version of BuildMaster. Just run the installer to update your installation; the agents will automatically update when the installation is complete.

Looking to Buy?

To order online with a credit card, go through MyInedo. For other methods of payment, such as a check or wire transfer, use the quote request form.

Other Downloads

If you need to download an older version of BuildMaster, an alternate installation package, or the BuildMaster Windows agent, please visit the Inedo Product Download page.

What’s Next for BuildMaster

Check out our Product Roadmap to see where it all started, and where we want to take BuildMaster in the future.