Who is… Rakko?!

Originally recruited by our Tokyo office to help introduce our products to Japan, Rakko is now a C-level executive that helps with global public relations.

Name: Rakko (ラッコ)
Title: Cute Public Relations Officer (かわいぃ広報部長)

Super power: Finding vulnerabilities in third-party packages😎
Kryptonite: Power blackout ☠️

Favorite Cocktail: Piña Colada
Favorite Food: Okonomi-yaki (お好み焼き)

Rakko helps users configure our products, discover new features, and get the most value out of our tools.

Detect Configuration Drift

Fix / Remediate Issues

Automate & Orchestrate

Intense Concentration

Find Vulnerabilities

Validate Configuration

We occasionally send out stickers and postcards to our users. Here are some of our recent favorites.

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