About Inedo

People in Inedo


Alex Papadimoulis, CEO

Alex founded Inedo in 2007, working with like-minded developers to transition from code-writing to software development (and thus, BuildMaster was born). Alex splits his time between Inedo’s two locations, in Berea, OH, USA, and Tokyo, Japan. 

Unlike other tech CEOs, he has remained “on the front lines,” working alongside Inedo’s engineers to create and improve upon our products to meet user need. Also unlike most CEOs, Alex is happy to talk with you directly by email or phone (1-440-391-1845). Alex is an avid cyclist and continues to practice mastering Japanese.

Board of Directors

Matthew Thomas, OT/L

Mr. Thomas has spent his career empowering youth to overcome serious challenges and thrive. He is an Occupational Therapist in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District who joined Inedo’s Board of Directors in 2017.

Dan Videc, MSSA LISW-S

Mr. Videc is a dedicated public servant, managing a team of 20 to save lives with the Cuyahoga County suicide and mental health crisis hotline. He has been on the Inedo Board since its founding in 2007.

Dean Van Dress, Esq.

Mr. Van Dress is an attorney-at-law and founder of the Van Dress Law Firm.  He is also the Assistant Director of Law for the City of Berea, Ohio. He joined Inedo’s Board of Directors in December 2017. 

Eric Wise

Mr. Wise is a successful entrepreneur in the technology and education fields. His current project is Stage 3 Talent, a new company he started in February 2020. He joined Inedo’s Board of Directors in December 2017.


Executive leadership teams are small by nature. But our organization is only as strong as our people, our Inedoins. Our team of Inedoins from around the globe are the only way Inedo’s work continues. Check out our company cultural philosophy of Chōwa and our career page.

Information for Investors

We are part of a very small minority of independent software vendors whose money comes the old-fashioned way: by creating products that our users love enough to purchase. You are our investors.  

This core principle—that our customers are our investors—has allowed us to grow and flourish with products that are easy to use and solve real business problems. While other companies chase numbers dictated by outside, speculative investors, our growth, our features, our products, our future is determined by our customers. Those are the people we answer to.

Those wishing to discuss investing in Inedo should contact us directly.