Otter Free

No server limit.

All users are admins.

Free forever.

Otter Basic

Starting at


for up to 100 servers

Otter Enterprise

Starting at


for up to 100 servers

Otter Basic vs Otter Enterprise

Otter Basic and Otter Enterprise have nearly all of the same features. However, Otter Enterprise includes the ability to run as a high-availability cluster, use SAML Sign-on, and automatically detect and remediate configuration drift.

Support and Maintenance

Otter licenses included access to our support engineers through tickets and our community forums. In addition to Otter technical support, we can provide help debugging automation challenges and offer generalized DevOps advice from our years of experience.

Support for previous versions and upgrades to newer versions are also included.

Licensing Terms

Otter is licensed annually per the Otter End-User Licensing Agreement on a per-server basis; this license includes support and maintenance.

Servers in Otter

Otter is designed to create and manage servers (whether physical, virtual, or even nonexistent) in your environments, and is licensed by the approximate number of these you plan to configure in Otter. If you go over the maximum number allowed by your license, you will need to delete configured servers (which is quite easy), or request license extension.

The servers that the Otter web application is installed on does not count towards the limit, unless you explicitly add it as a managed server.

How to Buy

To order online with a credit card, go through MyInedo. For other methods of payment, such as a check or wire transfer, use the quote request form.


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