Otter Free has no server limit, includes all of the features of Otter Enterprise, and gives all users unrestricted access.

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Software & Basic Support

For teams and organizations who feel they can implement DevOps on their own. Find that you need more help? Incidents, training, and services also available for purchase. Contact us for a custom quote to include any of these with your initial purchase.

Starting at: $1,995/yr

Up to 10 Server Nodes

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Software & Premium Support

For organizations who want to partner with us to implement DevOps initiatives. We tailor our solution to your organization's specific needs, this involves on-premise training, services, and incidents.

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Support Details

Support is an important aspect of a successful implementation. Whether self-support though our QA site, or Premium support for business critical needs, we have options available that fit every organization. Compare our different support options and decide which level of support is right for you.

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How to Buy

To purchase online with a credit card, go through MyInedo. For other methods of payment, such as a check or wire transfer, use the quote request form.


Otter is licensed annually per the Otter End-User Licensing Agreement.

Basic Support

Basic support of 8AM-6PM EST Monday-Friday is available. For specific information on the SLA and Priority levels, visit our comparison of Support levels.

Support for previous versions and upgrades to newer versions are also included.

Perpetual Option

Otter Basic may also be licensed on a perpetual, non-expiring basis. The perpetual licensing fees are: 10 Server Nodes ($4,995); 20 Server Nodes ($7,495); 35 Server Nodes ($12,495); 50 Server Nodes ($16,245); 100 Server Nodes ($24,995); 250 Server Nodes ($49,995). Assuming support is renewed, the break-even point of Annual vs. Perpetual licensing comes after three years.

Perpetual Support

Basic support (including upgrades, maintenance, etc.) is included for the first year, and may be renewed each following year for 20% of the then-current licensing fees. Assuming support is renewed, the break-even point of Annual vs. Perpetual licensing comes after three years.

Servers in Otter

Otter is designed to create and manage servers (whether physical, virtual, or even nonexistant) in your environments, and is licensed by the approximate number of these you plan to configure in Otter. If you go over the maximum number allowed by your license, you will need to delete configured servers (which is quite easy), or request license extension.

The servers that the Otter web application is installed on does not count towards the limit, unless you explicitly add it as a managed server.


Incidents are available for purchase to all users, and involves a 1-2 hour, scheduled, one-on-one call with an Inedo engineer. Calls are generally for tailored advice related to DevOps best practices, Inedo product usage, and broad use case advice. Learn more about incidents and how our engineers can help.