Version 4

v4 is fully supported, fixes will continue to be shipped in the 4.8 release, and we will continue to maintain earlier v4 releases to resolve any critical or security issues discovered for users who cannot yet upgrade to 4.8.

The central theme of v4 was all about universal package management, which meant managing all of the various types of packages and feeds in the enterprise.

Version 3

v3 is semi-retired, which means that we will provide very limited support to v3 users who have not yet upgraded, and will provide assistance in performing upgrades. However, we will no longer ship maintenance releases, patches, or other changes.

The central theme of v3 was to extend the reach of package serving to other registries/repositories including npm.

Version 2

v2 has been retired and is no longer supported.

The central theme of v2 was to introduced more filtering options (particularly for license types), and added meta-features such as the SDK, the API, and source code licensing.

Version 1

v1 has been retired and is no longer supported.

The initial release of ProGet provided basic NuGet feed support while introducing features such as connectors, filtering, multiple feeds, along with an integrated symbol & source server for NuGet packages.