So what does Otter actually do?

Dev + Ops

Otter enables DevOps best practices by providing a visual, dynamic, and intuitive ui that shows,
at-a-glance, the configuration state of all your servers. whether local, virtual, cloud-built, or other nodes spread throughout disparate global data centers, you can see what's most important to you.

Otter was built from the ground-up with a powerful execution engine, and won't lag under the extreme server configurations that Modern Infrastructure can demand. Otter allows for infrastructure modeling on a grand scale with 1000's of servers, all while maintaining ease-of-use, down to changes for just a single server.

Server Management & Automation

Otter is a next generation solution to manage, control, and configure local, and cloud-based infrastructures. With a transparent pricing model, Otter changes the way you'll look at servers and systems.

Otter was made for the complexity of your existing infrastructure, and can be incrementally adopted to help you scale to tomorrow's infrastructure, all with the speed and security you expect from a seasoned DevOps solution.

Infrastructure as Code

Otter brings Infrastructure as Code to a wider audience because it was built with usability in mind. You can easily create complex configurations and orchestrations using the intuitive, drag-and-drop editor, and then switch to-and-from code/text mode as needed.

Otter's advanced execution engine, along with seamless PowerShell integration, has all the features you'd need in an advanced programming runtime, while giving you the flexibility to create simple, declarative-style configuration.

Otter's intuitive UI helps you gradually automate your existing configuration and processes

Easy Configuration & Orchestration Automation

Modern configuration management can be quite easy (especially when you keep it simple), and shouldn't require a training course just to get started. While we do have comprehensive documentation, you probably won't use it very much, if at all.


Otter's web-based, drag-and-drop editor helps you discover the available options and allows you to create automation plans that can be as complex as you need them to be. Or you can create and maintain plans in plain text using OtterScript... or even both.

Incremental Adoption

Start with just a single configuration on a single server, then scale/expand as fast as your organization is willing to. For step by step instructions and a look into our philosophy, download our free Incremental Guide on the implementation of Infrastructure as Code.

Team Visibility

Everyone on the team should be able to see what configuration is on which server, which servers are in which environments, what changes are planned, etc. without having to decipher code stored in a Git repository.

How environments look in Otter