The Road so Far

Inedo has some exciting stuff coming up in the future, but first let's take a look into our past.


What Does Inedo Mean?

We're often asked about the meaning behind our name. As it so happens, "inedo" is a compound word comprised of in (the common English word) and edo (the Japanese Renaissance period) -- the combination of which imbue our philosophy of rethinking and renewing the way in which we build software.

Our name has absolutely, positively nothing-at-all whatsoever to do with the fact that it was an available and cool-sounding five-letter domain name. Really! Oh, and we pronounce it in-ee-doe, but you're welcome to pronounce it differently.

Our Passion for Single-Malt Scotch

Our ever-expanding scotch library has become a real point of pride at Inedo. It all began with a 12-year Glenfiddich that Alex brought into the office one day and, thrilled with the idea of having a dram of whiskey to finish up the day, our collection started right then.

Today, we have over 80 single malts in our collection, as well as some other excellent options for those with different tastes. The Glenfiddich 12 remains our "house" scotch, and is by far our most popular.

Cool Stuff!!!

We absolutely love the opportunity to branch out from building software and try our hand at other creative projects. We had a few smaller projects in the past that you might remember, but we really hit a sweetspot in 2014 when we launched the Kickstarter campaign for Release! a card game about creating software.

After the success of Release! we were approached with another idea that really excited us: an ABC book teaching toddlers a little about programming, with a few added suprises for the code-savvy adult.