Gartner Cool Vendor 2015

Inedo Named a “Cool Vendor”
in DevOps, 2015 by Gartner

Spotlight User

Allrecipes uses BuildMaster to manage a delivery process that includes dozens of sites and apps. In this interview, Deployment Manager, Merritt Bettineski shares some insights on the before and after picture of their process.

Incremental Approach

As DevOps is quickly evolving to be the industry standard, it's critical to find the most effective way to implement it within your organization. Our Incremental DevOps is a best practices guide that lays out a long term, risk-reducing approach to direct the people and processes down the right path towards DevOps and other organizational improvements.

Training & Services

From a few hours of remote support, to months of on-site consulting, our services are available worldwide, and covered by a distributed network of certified consultants. We won't shoehorn you into a premade plan, instead; we identify your needs and create a delivery process that is built from your existing foundation.


BuildMaster is more than just a deployment automation tool. It brings together the people, process, and practices that allow teams to release software rapidly, reliably, and responsibly, while incrementally adopting best practices like Continuous Delivery.

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ProGet is the easiest package management server for NuGet, Chocolatey, OneGet & npm. With ProGet, you can quickly install a local package repository similar to the repositories hosted at,, and more.

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Cool Stuff For You


At Inedo, we love board games, and generally speaking the nerdier the better. In 2014 we made our own, Release! - a card game about creating software. Thanks to some amazing Kickstarter support, it outstripped our humble expectations, and let us know that the rest of the software community loves nerdy games too.

More Cool Stuff

Programming Languages ABC++

Our latest project is an alphabet book that aims to help us share what we do with the kids in our life, and perhaps even spark children's interest in coding.