Never Wonder “Is it Ready to Deploy?” Again 

BuildMaster distills the most important aspects of your software change management process in a very easy-to-read and -understand view for everyone and allows you to dig down into the details of every issue when needed. 

BuildMaster’s issue tracking provides a clear answer to a single question: “Is it ready to deploy or not?” And that’s all you need to know. 

Eliminate Manual Update Processes

Your company’s issue tracker tracks code as it moves through the progression of business processes you use to turn each change request into an application feature. Manually updating issue statuses across parallel releases and multiple sprints risks a disconnect between where employees think the code is in the process and where the code actually is in your development pipeline. 

BuildMaster automatically tracks the state of code and updates issues statues in your tracker accordingly. Your team always knows the true state of a change request and so can always execute on the process perfectly.

Bridge the Gap between Business Stakeholder and Developer Tracking Tools

Business stakeholders want to see the status of a code change request as it moves through the development pipeline. To accommodate them, developers are often forced to use an issue tracking system like JIRA — which increases frustration, decreases productivity, and negatively impacts morale. 

BuildMaster’s issue tracking integrations eliminate this conflict. Developers can use a simple “open/closed” system in a tracker like GitHub, and the status can be instantly updated in JIRA. Both business and development teams have the freedom to use the tools that work best for them. 

Enterprise Brands Use BuildMaster for CI/CD

See All Requested Changes on a Single Dashboard

Manual processes make it difficult for business stakeholders to get a clear visual picture of the handoffs that occur in the development pipeline. Their only notification is an email from the issue tracker that the status of one of their requests changed. No single place exists to quickly and clearly see the state of all requested changes.  

BuildMaster provides this visibility in a single dashboard. It will tell business stakeholders “hey, this issue #1743 that you logged was just deployed on this build,” so they can act accordingly. It’s a ‘bridge to business’ that allows the business and developers communicate effectively. 

Track Issues across CI and CD Processes

Both manual processes and tools that offer only CI or CD make every release painful because it requires an entire team effort for the application manager to figure out if all issues were closed properly. 

BuildMaster integrates issues into the CI/CD process. No one needs to be constantly stressed asking, “Is it ready to go? Let me ask the ten people who had their hands on this release if it’s actually ready.” 

Get an Early Warning about Open Issues as Release Day Approaches

Release engineers cannot keep track of all the different releases going on within their teams. That leaves them vulnerable to overlooking a release that is behind schedule and missing a deadline. 

BuildMaster provides early warning updates to eliminate this possibility. If only 3/10 issues are closed the day before a release is scheduled to go out, you’ll know. And if you accidentally try to deploy a release with open issues, BuildMaster will warn you.