Many companies use a “command-driven” structure of organization, where all orders and decisions always come from the highest levels. We aren’t “many companies.”

Inedo is an international organization that focuses on planning and execution to ensure predictable results and relies on the accountability of every employee for success. Our philosophy of Chōwa (“natural balance”) represents how we put these values into practice.


Keikaku: Planning

Keikaku represents how we organize the work we do, as individuals, on teams, or as a whole company. Keikaku (pronounced kayee-kah-koo) is written with the characters 計 (to plan or to measure) and 画 (a picture but not a photograph) and roughly translates to “planning.”

We give others a picture of our planning process and how we measure project progress through Keikaku.

Renraku: Communication

Renraku guides how we interact with each other in a standardized manner despite many different personality types and communication styles. Renraku (pronounced ren-rah-koo) is written with the characters 連 (to lead along or to join together) and 絡 (relationship) and roughly translates to “transmission of information” (rather than to describe communication of emotions or storytelling).

Renraku represents our commitment to clear, precise business communication.



Kyōryoku: Collaboration

Kyōryoku is how we measure employee growth and success at Inedo. Kyōryoku (pronounced kyo-ryo-ku) is written with the characters 協 (together, in the sense of the “co-” prefix in English) and 力 (strength) and roughly translates to collaboration or cooperation

Kyōryoku represents our commitment to the idea that we are stronger when we work together, rather than depending on micromanagement.

Other Values: