Open Source Software

Romp, our UPack platform, and the Inedo Den product extensions are open source, and we actively accept and encourage pull requests. Take a look at our GitHub repositories to learn more.

The rest of our code – including our core products and libraries – is also open source, and you can access them by requesting access to our private GitLab repositories.

Feature Request Process

Is one of our products missing something you need? Is there a behavior quirk that is causing you lots of headaches? Let us know! As part of our open initiative, we are publishing our feature request process (along with a few helpful tips).

Open Change Management

We track our core product and shared library changes using a cloud-hosted YouTrack instance. You can search by product, status, and version number to see what was changed or will be changed in a release.

Open Roadmap

Our software is by no means “feature complete”, and we always working closely with users and thinking of ways to improve the software and add features.