ProGet Overview > Private NuGet Server

Host your private NuGet packages while scanning, filtering, and caching public packages from

Create Multiple Feeds and Organize

Create any number of feeds to organize and distribute your NuGet packages to different groups or even to external customers. 

Restrict who can use which feeds, and control who downloads and publishes packages.

Symbol & Source Serving

Debugging NuGet packages is anything but intuitive. With ProGet, developers can debug NuGet packages as painless as possible. Simply configure your feed to be a Symbol and Source Server and use with Visual Studio or WinDbg.   

Simplify Package Development for CI/CD

ProGet’s repackacing feature simplifies your NuGet-based CI/CD pipelines by creating stable, production-ready packages from tested and verified prerelease packages.   

Filter and Curate Open-Source Packages

Scan, filter, and cache public packages.

Safely “Proxy” Content from

ProGet can “stand in front of” and other sources to let you access packages you need without any direct contact to the site.  

This lets your developers download the packages they need while filtering out packages that don’t meet organizational rules for security and licensing.

Vulnerability in release & Vulnerability details

Vulnerability Scanning & Blocking

NuGet’s built-in vulnerability scanning isn’t nearly enough to keep you protected.

ProGet’s comprehensive vulnerability scanning will notify you when new vulnerabilities are discovered, show you which of your applications use them, and let you assess the risk as needed.

Package Approval Pipeline

There are over 250,000 NuGet packages. Most of them aren’t right for you. 

ProGet’s package promotion feature enables you create package approval workflow in order to mitigate risks of software supply chain security.  

License rules & usage

License Detection & Blocking

NuGet licenses are complicated, but ProGet can detect and help you comply or mitigate legal risks.

ProGet’s license detection and blocking lets you configure rules to block certain license types automatically. You can avoid costly open-source license violations or spending time for checking license.

Designed for the Enterprise

Scalable Scan, filter, and cache public packages.

LDAP (Active Directory) Integration with Role-based Access Control

Integrate ProGet with your Active Directory domain forest or a third-party LDAP directory to simplify sign-in and administration, allowing users to perform tasks based on the groups they’ve been assigned in your external directory.

High Availability & Load Balancing

Add as many web server nodes as you need to load balance traffic from various teams and build servers around the world.  

Use ProGet’s high availability mode to ensure there is no single point of failure, and that your packages can be accessed even if there’s a hardware failure. 

Multisite Development in a Federated Architecture

ProGet’s replication features lets you synchronize NuGet packages across multiple ProGet instances. This can help implement a variety of scenarios and complex network architectures, including multisite development / federated architectures, where software is developed in multiple locations with multiple teams.

Get Started with ProGet for Free Today

ProGet can be installed on Windows or Linux (Docker), and has a powerful free edition. We can also provide a trial license if you’d like to try out some of the features that aren’t available in the free or trial editions.