Your Development Process... Refined:

Applications as Universal Packages

Bundling your applications as packages enforces that what is deployed to production, is the same package that's passed testing.

Security and Access Control

ProGet provides safe storage; you no longer have to worry about random personnel editing or deleting files.

Package Promotion

Simply model your feeds after your software development process. This ensures only approved, verified, and tested packages are used in production.

Deployment Records

ProGet allows you to keep detailed records. No longer question who deployed what, where, and when.

Security and Stability:

Third-Party Package Support

ProGet increases reliability, saves time, and stores your third-party packages locally, with caching.


Easily manage your Docker Images alongside your applications and third-party packages all in one place, with ProGet.

License Filtering

Seemingly minor oversights can lead to violating package licenses, and can bring significant consequences. License Filtering ensures your developers only use packages with approved licenses.

Vulnerability Scanning

Protect your organization from unnecessary risk by scanning for and removing vulnerable packages, ensuring only safe and secure packages are used in development.

Consistent Access and Scalable Storage:

High Availability/ Load Balancing

ProGet keeps enterprise-level performance standards high, even during heavy load times.

Multi-Site Replication

Accessible to your entire organization both locally and globally; ProGet keeps security at the forefront.

Cloud Storage

ProGet allows you to store on the cloud and scale when you need, removing the complexity associated with disaster recovery.


ProGet delivers actually useful notifications. Trigger automated workflows or even audit certain events, integrate with tools you already have.

ProGet Overview

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