ProGet Enterprise


Ensure peak ProGet performance in Windows-primary organizations with 50+ developers.

Maximize productivity and ROI

The three ProGet Enterprise features—load balancing, high availability, and feed replication—let you scale at your pace, ensure near-painless disaster recovery, and easily manage distributed teams and packages. All this in addition to the ProGet features you already rely on, like vulnerability scanning, license detection, and connector filtering, for security and organization.

ProGet Enterprise’s distribution resilience offers peace of mind that you won’t outgrow your tool: Your package and container manager keeps pace with your organizational growth. 

Load Balancing

High Availability

Feed Replication

Load Balancing: Scale at Your Pace

Small organizations with just a few developers will rarely experience performance issues. But organizations with a few dozen developers can quickly overwhelm a single server. Every request a developer makes may ping your servers hundreds of times in seconds, causing slower return requests.

This interrupts developers workflow, productivity, and even morale. 

Load balancing with ProGet Enterprise seriously reduces wait times by distributing traffic evenly across a server cluster (a group of two or more servers) to ensure maximum performance. Your load-balanced server cluster each bear a portion of the load so that no single server is overwhelmed. 

Load balancing with ProGet Enterprise works any load-balancing platform and doesn’t force sticky sessions. ProGet was built to be compatible with software-based (e.g., HAProxy, NLP, or nginx) to appliance-based (e.g., F5, A10, Citrix) platforms.

High Availability: Near-painless Disaster Recovery

For organizations where even minimal downtime is a catastrophic drain on resources, high availability is a necessity. Because ProGet traffic is spread across a server cluster, your organization can:

  • Configure automatic failover, so no disruptions occur if a server goes offline 
  • Allow safe, rapid changes to your internal processes by testing changes on one of your “live” servers without disrupting business 
  • Test the resiliency of your configuration by randomly pulling one server offline at zero risk 
  • Eliminate the “single point of failure,” allowing quick, painless disaster recovery 
  • Update servers regularly to ensure security with no downtime for end-users

Feed Replication: Easily Manage a Distributed Workforce

Especially in this age of remote work, developers are spread out across different locations and time zones and working hours. The time wasted by one team waiting for the packages of a team in another time zone or developing off incorrect packages due to inefficient sharing negatively impacts bottom lines. 

How do you prevent time sunk into complicated manual file-sharing or applications built off outdated packages? 

ProGet Enterprise’s feed replication simplifies a global infrastructure by directly replicating packages from one location to others automatically

Feed replication with ProGet Enterprise is configurable in almost limitless ways, with just a few examples pictured at right. Need a single location to be the “source of truth” to dozens or even hundreds of locations? Want to allow all your locations to develop locally, but for each also to always have the same packages as your Delhi office? Setting up a disaster relief plan that involves backing up your business-critical packages? ProGet Enterprise has the flexibility to meet even the most complex, large-scale set-ups for global enterprises. 

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