ProGet Enterprise Edition

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Create a robust and reliable software supply chain with packages and containers on high-availability and multi-site infrastructure.

High Availability to Eliminate Single-Point of Failure 

Configure ProGet as a Server Cluster to enable automatic failover and distribute traffic across servers to minimize downtime.

Load-balancing to Improve Performance, Resilience, and Flexibility

As the number of developers and CI builds increase, so does the load from requests on the server. This slows down response time, and ultimately slows down development.

ProGet Enterprise supports any load balancing platform, which helps distribute traffic evenly across the server cluster to reduce wait times.

Flexible Multi-site Replication

ProGet’s feed replication feature lets you synchronize packages, containers, and assets across multiple ProGet instances.

Federated Development: Support Multisite Development with Ease

ProGet helps you develop software across multiple locations with multiple teams. You can define how each location interacts with packages through replication and mirroring, and implement simple or complex federated development requirements.

Edge Computing: Deliver Lots of Content with the Lowest Latency Possible

Continuously push content like system packages (Debian, RPM, Chocolatey), Docker Container Images, and other assets to Edge locations. Use Hub & Spoke, Multi-Hub, and other edge computing architectures.

ProGet Edge Computing Edition is designed to scale with you.

Disaster Recovery: Simplify Planning for Emergency Scenarios

Configure ProGet to replicate some or all of your business-critical packages so that teams can still work at minimal capacity until the production environment is back up and running.

Case Study

learn how ProGet Enterprise Made it Possible for Derivco to Easily Move 79,000 Packages & 830GB of Data Across 5 Continents.

Onboarding & Implementation Help

We can help you build a robust and reliable software supply chain.

Design Your ProGet Architecture with Our Help

Our team has years of experience working with all kinds organizations to find an architecture that will work best, and we can help you with high-availability, replication, or other configuration you may need.

Direct Support from Product Engineers & Executives

We hate Helpdesk Hell just as must as you, which is you you’ll work directly with our engineers—the very same people who built our products and can change them.

From fast action on tickets to regular monitoring of Forums to an outrageously accessible CEO, we’re ready to help and listen.

Case Study

Learn how we worked closely with Symbotic to eliminate their reliance on public repositories and maintain flawless load-balancing across their infrastructure.

Get Started with ProGet Enterprise Edition

To help you evaluate ProGet Enterprise, we’d be happy to provide a personalized demonstration. We can also provide a trial license if you’d like to try out some of the features that aren’t available in the free or trial editions.