Getting Started With Otter

These tutorials will introduce you to Otter, our new Infrastructure-as-Code tool. The first Tutorial walks you through creating several aspects of Infrastructure including Environments, Servers, Server Roles, and Assets. As well as creating a configuration plan that will configure and place an Asset on our local server. The second tutorial shows you how to create a simple operation in C# using the Otter SDK.

Getting Started With BuildMaster

This set of tutorials is intended to show you how to build and deploy a simple real-world application with BuildMaster. The first tutorial will cover the basics of creating an application within the tool, integrating with your source control system, and creating and deploying a build. Part two will cover the basics of adding and deploying a basic configuration file with BuildMaster. This tutorial assumes you have completed the first part of the series.

Deploying a Build from CI Servers

In these tutorials, we'll look at different ways that artifacts can be created or imported into BuildMaster to be promoted through a release pipeline. By integrating with BuildMaster, users can easily deploy TeamCity, Jenkins or Visual Studio Online artifacts.

Getting Started With ProGet

These tutorials will introduce you to using ProGet to store Jenkins Build Artifacts and setting up npm feeds.

Other Otter Tutorials

Other ProGet Tutorials

In these tutorials, we'll look at some frequently asked questions about the Symbol and Source Server, The JSON API, & Extending ProGet.

Other BuildMaster Tutorials