Cambria Consulting

A Boston-based consulting firm that specializes in human resource management and organization development for North American companies with global reach.

Industry: HR Consulting, Organizational Strategy

Location: Boston, MA

Cambria Consulting unlocks the potential of the cloud with BuildMaster

In addition to traditional consulting services, Cambria Consulting runs a sophisticated SAAS (Software as a Service) suite called Excelerated that includes assessment and professional development tools, and leadership and executive coaching program management. Cambria Consulting runs the executive coaching program for NASA, amongst many other famous and respected organizations as seen on their client page.

The Challenge:

With a booming SAAS business and many stakeholders, Cambria decided to migrate from self-hosting to Azure for scaling, huge cost-savings in their infrastructure management, and to greatly increase their ability to address necessary changes in their applications more quickly and dynamically. It’s very common in Cambria’s training, coaching, and assessment programs to need customizations mapped out, coded, and released within a week as a new program is set to begin.

Cambria was well aware that the move to Azure would require additional tooling to accentuate and maintain this growth-path.

The Solution:

After briefly using FinalBuilder, Cambria team members discovered BuildMaster and were immediately impressed.

According to Scott Simpson, Partner and CTO of Cambria, “We looked around and didn’t see any tool that looked like it had the robust nature BuildMaster without being a huge, costly, transformation in how we developed and released software. We were able to install and get a solid proof of concept within a day…with ease of use like that, you never think of migrating away from it.”

Overall Results:

Cambria has found that BuildMaster makes it easy to push updates. Because of this low risk of change, Cambria takes advantage by creating frequent customizations for clients, leading to high levels of client satisfaction and strategic advantage of any would-be competitive programs in the same field.

In a recent conversation with Scott Simpson, he remarked “When you move to something like Azure you have an environment that can be completely automated – that’s the advantage of a cloud infrastructure. But it still takes a lot of work to do the automation. You need a tool like BuildMaster to leverage the theoretical advantages of the cloud. The combination of Azure and BuildMaster is a real winner.”

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