Reliable and Secure:

Model your Process, and Enforce it

BuildMaster allows you to consistently deploy across environments - no matter your scale - by creating custom pipelines for your applications.

Visualize your Release Schedule

BuildMaster's Calendars feature shows not only your team's releases, but the entire organization's schedule, and helps you coordinate and plan.

Easily Schedule Deployments

Automatically deploy when requirements are met, so that releases are deployed when optimal for the organization, application, and end-users.

Notification for all Events

Event Listeners in BuildMaster provide you with a notification when release events have gone as planned... or alerts when they have not.

Autonomous Management:

Widespread Visibility with Dashboards

Maintain visibility across the organization by filtering and viewing the applications and resources that are important to you.

Security and Access Controls

You can easily maintain security and usability with granular Access Controls.

Human and Automatic Approvals

You can configure required manual approvals to ensure quality is maintained and mistakes aren't released to production.

Customize for your needs

Tailor BuildMaster to your needs by modifying current extensions, creating your own integrations, and extending core functionality using the Inedo SDK.

Scalable and Straightforward:

Reuse Existing Applications

Quickly create new applications by leveraging an existing, similar application, and modifying it as needed.

Quickly Import Resources when Needed

When your application calls for more resources, Configuration Export/Import allows you to quickly add servers with an easily understandable JSON file.

Easy to Start and Scale

Scale as business demands by leveraging BuildMaster's reusable plans, pipelines, and other global components.

Scale no Matter your Platform

BuildMaster uses a highly optimized agent, and offers agentless connections to deploy your applications regardless of ecosystem.