Get Started Without Changing Your Build Process

Start your release by importing any number of build artifacts directly from Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS, Visual Studio, or a drop path.

If you're not already automating your builds, then BuildMaster can retrieve code from source control, build it, and run unit tests.

Automate and Accelerate Your Existing Process

Automate your existing deployment process - whether that's for web applications, desktop tools, or cloud services.

Include "manual tasks" in your deployment plan to allow for steps that are impractical to automate.

See the Status of All Releases at a Glance

On a single dashboard, see across all applications and environments to discover which stage various releases are, and which releases need attention.

Manage your release in one place, and see targeted environments, detailed deployment history, release notes, milestone dates, and more.

Create and share calendars that combine deployment windows, milestones, testing phases, and scheduled deployments across multiple applications.

Ensure Compliance Requirements While Using Auditable Workflows

Define user, group, and automated approval requirements before allowing deployment at different stages.

Integrate project and issue tracking tools like JIRA, TFS and YouTrack to ensure deployments happen only when issues are closed, and automatically update issues with release details.

Restrict who can deploy to which environment, and define other granular access control policies as needed.

Manage Risk Without Slowing Your Release

Roll back if needed to a previously successful release at any time.

All of our products are built using the same, reliable technology components.