Digital Stream

They are digital specialists, and in the business of showing clients how to generate more revenue from their website and online content, regardless of what business they’re in.

Industry:  Web Design, Web Development, Web Strategy

Location:  Hamilton, New Zealand & Auckland, New Zealand

BuildMaster’s focus on application configuration makes it ideal for scaling the automation of hundreds of applications.

With hundreds of clients throughout New Zealand, Digital Stream is a team of web designers, web developers and web strategists who want to make sure their clients get the most from their online presence. Digital Stream offers a range of solutions to help nurture and grow their clients’ digital ecosystems. Their focus is increasing client revenue by making the right moves online.

The Challenge:

Digital Stream has many applications to deploy. Through their proprietary central CMS system they customize websites for their individual clients. Each clients website is its own application, adding up to approximately 250 applications at a time that need changes and updates to accommodate the ever-evolving world of digital media.

Manually deploying this number of applications was incredibly time-consuming and thus began the search for automation facilities. After a quick search for competitive tools, BuildMaster organically jumped out as the best fit, and its quality was corroborated with a recommendation from fellow BuildMaster user, Rezare, friendly colleagues in the growing New Zealand tech community.

The Solution:

Digital Streams’ team was delighted to be able to download a temporary evaluation license and immediately receive an email from Inedo’s developer advocate seeking to assist in their installation and use of the tool.

As many tools with a robust feature suite like BuildMaster usually require an in-person visit from the vendor (plus a sales agent) or one of their partners for a demo, it was unheard of to Digital Stream to be able to learn the tool on their own, at their own pace, and really experience the tool’s capabilities for themselves before purchasing.

In terms of functionality that lead the team to invest in the BuildMaster, Digital Stream’s perception was that while BuildMaster can certainly help push many different applications to many different environments like other popular tools, it has a much greater focus than competitive tools on a given application and its configuration itself. This makes BuildMaster a better tool for scaling the automation of many individual applications.

Overall Results:

Streamlining and automating the deployment of Digital Streams’ applications is reducing the pain of deploying 250 applications manually, saving hours of resources and frustrations. With this key aspect of their software delivery method much-improved, they are working on moving toward integrating with several of BuildMaster’s first-class extensions, such as TFS for continuous integration and Azure, migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. It is always exciting to hear about users’ future plans for BuildMaster.

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