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Tags: buildmaster, automation, health care

WebMD implements a microservices architecture with BuildMaster, while maintaining compliance.

Tags: proget, packages, consistency

Swiss Re Uses ProGet to Instantly Deliver Packages to 80+ IT Teams and to Maintain 100% Consistency Between Servers

Tags: proget, packages, consistency

Symbotic Uses ProGet to Maintain Flawless Load Balancing Across All Its Infrastructure

Tags: buildmaster, automation, government

Ronin Software uses BuildMaster to eliminate deployment risk for their tightly regulated government clients

Tags: otter, windows, server, drift

SureID remediates all cases of drift across the entire organization’s TeamCity build infrastructure with a single click.

Tags: proget, security, automation, consistency

Abanca automated the delivery of 35 applications and projects, through a modern “package-based” methodology.

Tags: buildmaster, automation, health care, epic software

UCHealth has automated and maintained 114 applications, divided into 28 separate application groups.

Tags: buildmaster, sharepoint, IT, automation, powershell

Using PowerShell and script deployments in SharePoint from the BuildMaster environment is huge for UNL.

Tags: buildmaster, web, scale, automation

Automating the deployment of Digital Streams’ applications is reducing the pain of deploying 250 applications manually.

Tags: buildmaster, IT, linux, automation

Automating the deployments of PHP code to Linux servers has become an easier and automated process for Co-operative Web.

Tags: buildmaster, nuget, automation

After using BuildMaster, Rezare has a NuGet repository with NuGet packages built and deployed with BuildMaster.

Tags: buildmaster, azure, cloud, automation

Finding it easy to push updates, and with a low risk of change, Cambira is able to create frequent customizations for clients.

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