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Build a reliable, user-friendly download center that gives customers access to licensed products and is easy for your team to maintain.

Creating a dynamic download center from scratch is not only time-consuming but it’s a burden to maintain, especially when you need disaster recovery, geo load balancing, and consistent branding experience.

ProGet ISV Edition makes this possible without requiring your limited development resources. You can also connect your CI/CD pipeline to give customers pre-release versions and integrate your CRM for licensing management.

Easy to Setup, Configure, and Scale

ProGet ISV Edition has all the features of ProGet Enterprise plus additional features that allow you to rebrand the web interface with just a few lines of CSS and JavaScript. Our team can also work closely with you to help customize your download center and integrate it into existing systems.

Case Study

See how Salient replaced its aging download center with ProGet ISV Edition in just a few weeks.

Features of ProGet ISV Edition

Distribute Applications, Docker Container Images, NuGet/Chocolatey Packages, and more

ProGet supports a wide variety of feed types for distributing your content, including Universal Packages that include release notes, dependency information, and any other metadata you need.

You can create as many feeds as you need and even distribute your containerized software with Docker images and Helm (Kubernetes) Charts.

Control Access to Licensed Products

ProGet lets you create restricted feeds that only customers with active subscriptions can access. You can configure access using Single Sign-on (SAML) or a customized user directory.

You can also restrict individual package versions by configuring package filters that integrate into your license management system. This ensures that customers can only access the versions they’ve paid for.

Download Analytics & Registration Walls

ProGet’s Package Download Statistics tracks individual downloads and records the date, user, and more. You also integrate tracking codes like Google Analytics or HubSpot.

Using a little custom JavaScript, you can even pop up a “Registration Wall” to capture lead or survey information before downloading.

Load Balancing & Disaster Recovery

ProGet’s replication features let you synchronize packages, containers, and assets across multiple ProGet instances. This allows you to create an architecture for disaster recovery, edge computing, and load balancing.

White Labeling & UI Customization

Using the White Labeling feature, you can customize ProGet to have the same look and feel as your website or user portal.

We’ve documented what you can change, and with just a little HTML/CSS knowledge, you’ll be able to create a branded download center in just a couple of hours.

And if you find that you’ll need additional customizations, we’ll do our best to quickly change ProGet and make it easier for you.

Onboarding Help & Integration Services

Our team can help with nearly every aspect of your download center: initial planning, ProGet installation, configuration/customization, integration into your existing tools, migrating your existing content, and training on usage/maintenance.

We’ll also prioritize your feature requests to ensure that ProGet ISV Edition continues to fit your download center requirements.

Get Started with ProGet ISV Edition

To help you evaluate ProGet ISV Edition, we’d be happy to provide a personalized demonstration. We can also provide a trial license if you’d like to try out some of the features that aren’t available in the free or trial editions.