About ProGet Free Trials

Experience for yourself the business benefits of advanced features like feed-level access, Amazon S3/Azure Blob cloud storage, and more with a free trial of ProGet.

Free Trial FAQ

NO! This is a totally commitment-free offer. No credit cards, no sales call. Just 30 days with ProGet’s advanced features.
NO! Trialing ProGet Basic is as simple as replacing your free license key with your trial key in your ProGet instance. Learn more about license keys and activation.
Your trial lasts 30 days and begins the day your key is generated and delivered.

You can see how much time is left on your key by going into ProGet > Admin > Software Configuration > License Key and Activation.
Your free trial of ProGet Basic unlocks a lot of amazing advanced ProGet features. For example, connectors in paid ProGet let your feeds connect to other internal ProGet feeds, not just an external source like NuGet. This is great if your business requires the security of an offline cache of packages while still letting multiple ProGet instances “speak” to one another. Or maybe you want the peace-of-mind knowing you have a disaster recovery backup and easy scalability with cloud storage but without breaking the bank. ProGet Basic offers all this and more.

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When your trial period comes to an end, your key “expires.” When a key expires, all of your applications and components remain in ProGet in exactly the same way – there is NO SCENARIO in which your data will be locked or erased from ProGet. However, ProGet does require you to enter a key with a valid license at the end of your trial.

There are two ways to do this:
  1. Enter a free forever key. If you had a free key before your trial, you can simply re-enter it. If you have misplaced it, or never had forever free key in the past, you can create a new one by clicking here.
  2. Purchase ProGet and enter that key to continue enjoying the advanced features of your free trial.

Still have non-technical questions about the free trial? Contact us here.

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