ProGet for Hybrid Cloud Storage

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Hybrid Cloud Storage across AWS, Azure, and On-Premises

Hybrid Cloud Storage with One API, One UI, & Centralized Access Control

ProGet Enterprise can help you build a global, cloud-neutral network that synchronizes content across your cloud and on-premises environments while providing simple API, UI, and access controls.

Distribute your content across the globe, as fast as you can publish it, in all the regions and environments you need. This includes:

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Simplifed

ProGet solves organizational, technical and business challenges of Hybrid Cloud Storage.


AWS and Azure are extraordinarily complex, as are their API. Even basic file operations are challenging to code right, and can lead to bugs other production problems.

ProGet’s API is very basic, and works the same, whether you’re using AWS, Blob, or disk storage.

One UI

AWS and Azure were not built to be user-friendly, and require constant UI retraining just to upload or download files. One wrong click, and users may pick the wrong region or select an expensive storage class.

ProGet shows users the same, simple UI whether your content is stored in S3, Blob, or disk storage.

Centralized Access Control

AWS and Azure have hundreds of different services. This requires programming highly-granular access controls in each region and operating environment.

ProGet’s access control is much easier to use, and can integrate with Active Directory or use Single Sign-On with SAML.

“We like that ProGet isn’t static. It gives us the flexibility we need to easily manage hundreds of packages over 20 feeds across six environments.”

—John Rogers, Expert System Engineer, Swiss Re

How ProGet Helps with Hybrid Cloud Storage

ProGet is a self-hosted, cross-platform package & container repository that automates package handling including scanning them for vulnerability and license.


No need to configure access control in each cloud environment; just configure users, groups, and API Keys once in ProGet.


Add custom metadata to make it easier to access or find content. Use server-side metadata, or embed within your content using Universal Packages.


ProGet is easy to install on Windows or Linux, and can run as a server cluster. Use the Inedo Hub to manage your instances, or automate with CLI-installation.


ProGet replicates content and metadata across your environments. Use the dashboard to monitor the health of your storage network, and run automated checks through the health API.


Save on ever-rising cloud storage fees while keeping the content you need. Define granular retention rules to automatically delete old, unused, and unneeded content.


Work directly with product engineers to and even our outrageously accessible CEO to help build and maintain your environment.

Get Started with ProGet

To help you evaluate ProGet, we’d be happy to provide a personalized demonstration. We can also provide a trial license if you’d like to try out some of the features that aren’t available in the free edition.