ProGet vs. Snyk

Learn how ProGet surpasses Snyk in Open-Source Risk Management

Snyk is a popular security tool that’s loved by developers. But it’s a Static Analysis (SAST) tool at heart, and designed to find potential bugs and security issues in your source code. It then guides and educates developers on how to fix their code.

Managing risks with third-party, open-source libraries is a different problem altogether. It involves vulnerability assessment, license compliance, and overall quality verification – none of which is related to your source code.

Dedicated package repository designed to host, curate, block, and track open-source package usage while mitigating risk.

Source code analysis (SAST) tool with an add-on that attempts to have developers assess and mitigate open-source risks.

Snyk does not host, manage, or give visibility into open-source package usage. Instead, it has an “Open Source” add-on that is an awkward fit into their SAST-based UI and design. To developers, it’s an unwelcome addition to their source code analysis, and makes all things that ProGet can easily do much more difficult.

Capabilities Comparison

ProGet Scans Packages for License and Vulnerabilities

ProGet automatically discovers vulnerabilities and unwanted licenses in open-source packages. You can automatically block packages with severe vulnerabilities, GPL-3 licenses, or low quality so that developers don’t accidentally incorporate them into a new project.

Snyk can send you emails when vulnerabilities are found in your project. Automatically blocking them requires complicated integrations and third-party tools.

Track Open-Source Usage and Monitor for Issues

All packages are distributed from ProGet. That allows ProGet to record deployment so you can see which packages are deployed to which servers, and help you identify issues like vulnerabilities, license violations, and missing packages.

Snyk doesn’t track where packages are deployed.

Blocking Malicious Packages

Malicious packages are often designed to evade detection by SAST tools, and Synk’s Open Source add-on cannot detect them.

ProGet is designed to facilitate manual inspection of third-party packages that helps mitigate risk of malicious packages.

Generate SBOM for Traceability and Compliance

ProGet makes it easy to generate Software Bills of Materials from your projects at build/CI time. ProGet will then continuously scan packages and releases for vulnerability, license, and missing packages even after packages or containers are deployed to production.  

Snyk doesn’t have these capabilities.

  • ProGet Projects and Releases
  • ProGet Vulnerability Central (PGVC)
  • ProGet Vulnerability Configuration

ProGet is designed to be self-hosted

Easy Installation with Inedo Hub

ProGet can be installed and upgraded quickly and easily using the Inedo Hub or a Docker container. Rolling back (downgrading) is just as easy.

Snyk is designed as a cloud-first solution, and doesn’t have a great support and ease of configuration for self-hosting.