ProGet Download

Client Tools

The ProGet client tools extend some of the basic NuGet client functionality:

  • NuGet Feed Discovery, which allows you to point the client to a single server and have all of your feeds automatically populated
  • Automatic Package Syncing runs when a solution is opened and ensures that the packages specified in packages.config have been downloaded; unlike NuGet's Package Restore feature, this does not alter any of your project files
  • Ability to Install Older Versions
  • Parallel Package Installation
  • Hash-based Package Caching
  • Opt-out of Nonreversible Changes
  • Source Control Integration (auto checkout of packages.config when necessary)

Learn More and Download

ProGet is a NuGet package repository that lets you host and manage your own personal or enterprise-wide NuGet feeds. If you're not already familiar with package management for .NET, check out the NuGet Overview for a quick introduction to the platform.

Download & Installation

The current version of ProGet is 2.2.13 (release notes). You will select the edition (free or Enterprise trial) and register for a license key during the installation process. Registering for a key will require a valid name and email address. For additional installation instructions, please see our installation guide.

If you already have your own instance of SQL Server (any edition 2005 and later) and would prefer a smaller download (~4MB), you can download ProGet without the embedded SQL Server Express database.

Upgrading ProGet

If you are already running ProGet with a version older than 2.2.13, you can download ProGet without the embedded SQL Server Express database.

System Requirements

ProGet supports all modern version of Windows (XP/2003/2008/Vista/7) and runs on .NET Framework v4.0 and SQL Server 2005 or later. If those aren't installed, the installer will install those for you.

Previous Versions

If you need to download resources for an older version of ProGet, please visit the previous versions page.

Manual Installation

For advanced users who cannot use the installer in their environment, we also have a manual installation option available. You can download the manual installation package and follow the instructions to install it.