ProGet is designed to be installed on your hardware. Of course, it's quite flexible and can be installed on virtual servers, hosted in the cloud, etc.

Download Latest ProGet Installer

Download & Installation

If you already have your own instance of SQL Server (any edition 2005 and later) and would prefer a smaller download, you can download ProGet without the embedded SQL Server Express database:

If you're unsure, just use the first link; you can always uninstall SQL Server Express and move the database later.

Linux Installation

Linux support is currently in beta. See our KB article for instructions.

Upgrading ProGet

If you are already running ProGet with a version older than 3.5.5, just download ProGet without the embedded SQL Server Express database. This will upgrade your installation.

System Requirements

ProGet supports all modern versions of Windows and runs on .NET Framework v4.0 and SQL Server 2005 or later. If any of the listed dependencies aren't installed, the installer will install those for you.

Manual Installation

For advanced users who cannot use the installer in their environment, we also have a manual installation option available. You can download the manual installation package and follow the instructions to install it.

Other Versions

If you need to download resources for an older version of ProGet, please visit the all versions page.