High Availability. Always Available.

ProGet High Availability ensures constant access to the vital components in your development process. Through its multi-node structure, ProGet High Availability provides a reliable, stable network with automatic failover. Even during heavy load times ProGet maintains functionality and preserves productivity, keeping enterprise level performance standards high.

The ProGet Enterprise High Availability instance requires 5 main components.

Your own Central Repository.

Package management made easy. ProGet supports not only in-house packages, but a growing list of external repositories as well. ProGet serves as the organization's central repository, allowing the enterprise to store all important assets in one convenient place.

ProGet allows you to manage your applications as simply as you develop them with universal feeds. The universal feed type gives you the same value and control of package managers but was designed specifically for your application, leveraging ProGet as the central hub of all your essential components.

Key Part of your DevOps Toolchain.

ProGet is a critical stepping stone in building more reliable software and adopting DevOps best practices. ProGet easily integrates with your favorite continuous integration and build tools to provide a seamless bond to your existing development process.

Using ProGet gives you the visibility and usability needed to scale your DevOps Toolchain across all teams, allowing you to build the perfect toolchain for your entire organization.

Introducing Universal Packages and Feeds

Super simple package management that’s actually meant for your applications

High Availability

ProGet High Availability easily integrates with the existing tool chain of any size organization, promoting collaboration and facilitating effortless communication between teams.

ProGet's High Availability Architecture

For an in-depth description of each component, check out our documentation.

We also offer a powerful free edition of ProGet

Unlimited users & includes all the same feed types as ProGet Enterprise.

•••••••••••••••••••• More Features ••••••••••••••••••••

  • License Filtering
  • Connector Filtering
  • Feed-Level User Privileges
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Chocolatey Package Server
  • PowerShellGet Support
  • Package Retention Policies
  • Package Statistics/Metrics
  • Maven Server
  • Bower Server
  • Npm Registry Server
  • NuGet Server