Download BuildMaster Software

BuildMaster is designed to be installed on your hardware. Of course, it's quite flexible and can be installed on virtual servers, hosted in the cloud, etc.

Download Latest BuildMaster Installer

Download & Installation

If you already have your own instance of SQL Server (any edition 2005 and later) and would prefer a smaller download, you can download BuildMaster without the embedded SQL Server Express database:

If you're unsure, just use the first link; you can always uninstall SQL Express and move the database later.

Upgrading BuildMaster

If you are already running BuildMaster with a version older than 4.6.4, just download the BuildMaster without the embedded SQL Server Express database. This will update your installation. The agents will automatically update when the installation is complete.

BuildMaster & BuildMaster Agent System Requirements

A Remote Agent is used to orchestrate other servers and must be installed on a remote server in order to interact and perform actions on that server. Note that the SSH-based agent designed for Linux servers does not need to be installed on the remote server, it only requires that SSH connections can be made to the server from BuildMaster.

BuildMaster Server
  • Windows
  • .NET Framework v4.0 or later
  • SQL Server 2005 or later (bundled)
Windows-based Agent
  • Windows
  • .NET Framework v4.0 or later
  • Optional: IIS 6.0 or later
Linux/Unix-based Agent
  • No installation required
  • SSH must be enabled on the remote server

Manual Installation

While running the installer is the simplest way to install and upgrade BuildMaster, a manual installation is also possible. You can go this route if you've encountered errors during the install.

Other Resources

The following items may be downloaded individually without having to download the full BuildMaster installer. Please note, these files are already included with the BuildMaster download and can be accessed via the Servers page under the BuildMaster Administration section:

Other Versions

If you need to download resources for an older version of BuildMaster, please visit the all versions page.

More Information

Check out our video section for our Getting Started Video and other helpful videos. You may also want to visit our tutorials section to have a look at what you can do in BuildMaster.