That's the standard installer, here are some additional options:

Upgrading BuildMaster

If you are already running BuildMaster with a version older than 4.6.4, use the standard installer up top. This will update your installation and agents.

BuildMaster & BuildMaster Agent System Requirements

BuildMaster Server
  • Windows
  • .NET Framework v4.0 or later
  • SQL Server 2005 or later (bundled)
Windows-based Agent
  • Windows
  • .NET Framework v4.0 or later
  • Optional: IIS 6.0 or later
Linux/Unix-based Agent
  • No installation required
  • SSH must be enabled on the remote server

Manual Installation

A manual installation is also possible. Here's how:

Other Versions

If you need to download an older version of BuildMaster, please visit the all versions page.

Getting Started

Agent Installer

The BuildMaster Agent Installer (v4.6.4) may be downloaded individually. Please note, it is already included with the BuildMaster download and can be accessed via the Servers page under the BuildMaster Administration section.

This Remote Agent is used to orchestrate other servers and must be installed on a remote server in order to interact and perform actions on that server. Note that the SSH-based agent designed for Linux servers does not need to be installed on the remote server, it only requires that SSH connections can be made to the server from BuildMaster.