BuildMaster Overview

BuildMaster is more than just an automation tool. It brings together the people, process, and practices that allow teams to deliver software rapidly, reliably, and responsibly.


Model and enforce your delivery process

BuildMaster facilitates a responsible process for software delivery. Use approvals and promotion requirements to efficiently automate deployment processes from source control through production.

Deployment Automation

Deployment Automation

Automate your deployments from integration and beyond

Whether running CI from BuildMaster or pulling artifacts from Jenkins, TeamCity, or TFS Team Build - BuildMaster lets you easily automate deployments. With our intuitive, web-based UI, you can set up as many deployment plans as you need from Testing to Production.

Continuous Integration

BuildMaster makes continuous integration easy

With Automatic Builds, you can create builds and run unit tests at specific times, trigger builds via source control activity, simply ping a URL using another tool, or integrate with your existing CI system.

Continuous Integration
Build & Release Management

Build & Release Automation

Always know which release is in which environment

From one location, you can see the state of all of your planned and past releases, with detailed historical data and auditing to take the guesswork out of your release process.

API & Extensibility

Extend with our web-based API or .NET-based SDK

BuildMaster was designed from the ground up to be extensible and can accomodate virtually any requirement, no matter how specialized your deployment scenario may be.

API & Extensibility

And so much more!

A comprehensive platform to take you from source control through production

  • Approvals & Signoffs
  • Artifact Library
  • Auditing
  • Change Controls
  • Configuration Files
  • Database Changes
  • Dependencies
  • Notifications
  • Promotion Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Static Analysis
  • Security
  • Unit Testing
  • Triggers
  • Server Groups

Get Started

BuildMaster is a free, easy-to-use, web-based deployment and release management tool.
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Beyond Continuous Integration

BuildMaster delivers a series of robust features unparalleled by other build-promote-deploy-distribute tools.

See It in Action

See BuildMaster in action by clicking on the video below. Introduction to BuildMaster - Play Video