Pricing & Licensing

BuildMaster is offered in two editions: BuildMaster Enterprise, the fully featured edition that is perfect for teams with 5 or more users, and BuildMaster Express, the basic version that's ideal for individuals or smaller teams.

Express Edition

BuildMaster Express has core functionality and is ideal for small and growing teams.

Free for Small Teams

  • 5 Users
  • 10 Applications
  • 5 Servers

Enterprise Edition

Up to 10 $1,995
Up to 20 $2,995
Up to 35 $4,995
Up to 50 $6,495
Up to 100 $9,995
Up to 250 $19,995
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BuildMaster Enterprise works great with small or large teams, licensing is based on the size of your team.

Our Annual Licensing functions like a a subscription: both the software and enterprise support are covered for the year.

Purchasing BuildMaster Enterprise

You can purchase BuildMaster Enterprise licenses with a credit card through our online ordering system at MyInedo. For other methods of payment, simply request a custom quote.

If you would like a custom quote based on your specific team size and needs please contact us for a quote. We can also arrange other payment methods, such as wire transfer or check.

For purchases of 50 users or more, we are amicable to negotiation on our standard licensing agreement.

Users in BuildMaster

BuildMaster is designed to be used by used by the entire development organization: developers, testers, operations, management, etc. While not all members will need the same access, BuildMaster granular security options to limit which groups and individuals can access which functions in which applications in which environments.

Any number of users may be given access to BuildMaster, and are are automatically assigned an available user license the first time they log in. Administrators may manually de-license a user to free up available licenses if that user is no longer on the team.

Perpetual Licensing

BuildMaster may also be licensed on a perpetual, non-expiring basis. Enterprise Support (including free upgrades, maintenance, etc.) is included for the first year, and may be renewed each following year for 20% of the total licensing costs.

The perpetual licensing fees are: 10 Users ($4,995); 20 Users ($7,495); 35 Users ($12,495); 50 Users ($16,245); 100 Users ($24,995); 250 Users ($49,995).

Note that when licensed perpetually, the software will not be disabled after the first year, regardless of whether support is renewed. If you were wondering, break-even point of Annual vs. Perpetual licensing comes after three years.

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