ProGet Features

ProGet has been designed from the ground-up to provide a seamless experience when developing, consuming, or deploying private NuGet packages.

NuGet Integration

Visual Studio Support

Because ProGet implements the NuGet feed standard, you can easily add ProGet as a feed to consume within Visual Studio. See how.

NuGet Client Tools

Any NuGet Client tools, such as the NuGet Package Explorer and nuget.exe will also seamlessly work with ProGet.

npm Integration

Private npm Registries

Manage npm registries along with NuGet feeds.


Simple Installation

Installation of ProGet is a breeze - you can have your very own ProGet feed downloaded, installed, and running in less than 5 minutes. See how.

Easy to Use

If you've used NuGet, npm, or Chocolatey, then you already know how to use ProGet! The simple web-based user interface allows anyone to download, search, and upload packages.

Live Help

You can chat with a ProGet expert virtually any time directly from within the application.

Integrated Web Server

ProGet's installation includes its very own web server that requires virtually no configuration.

Feed Management

Multiple Feeds

Create multiple package feeds to take the burden away from your release process. Learn more.

Private Feeds

Each installation includes your own private ProGet feeds that can used to manage library dependencies across your entire software development team.


ProGet can connect to any other existing remote source. Control your team's policy as to which packages, feeds, and repositories are allowed to be used in your projects. Learn more.

Connector Filters

Don't want JoeSchmoesTightlyCoupledLogger in your gallery? Connector filters in ProGet Enterprise can limit what packages and versions are returned by connectors. Learn more.

Connector Caching

Packages downloaded from ProGet connectors can be automatically cached in one of your private feeds either on-demand or by explicitly downloading. Learn more.

Browsable and Searchable Gallery

Use simple keywords to search your ProGet feed, and any other feeds specified through the connector mechanism.

License Filtering

Certain open source licenses can bind organizations to undesirable terms; this ensures that only licensing terms your organization accepts is permitted in the feed

Pull Packages Remotely

If you notice that your team is consistently pulling the same project from a remote feed, you can download the package to your local ProGet package source to cache it instead.

Download Package

You can download any ProGet packages directly from the web application without having to install a client utility.

Download Feed

Download an entire feed as filtered by connectors to have an onsite cache/backup of external dependencies.

Package Development

Create Packages within ProGet

ProGet allows you to fill in as few or as many details as necessary to create your own package from scratch.

Push via Existing Tools

You don't have to learn anything new to use ProGet - use the tools that you are already familiar with to push to your local ProGet package source.

Upload Directly

You can upload .nupkg files directory from the ProGet web application in addition to your favorite package management tool.

Users/Logins - Not tied to Authors

Since one of ProGet's main goals is to be consumed by teams of developers, it does not force packages to be associated with an author.


LDAP Authentication

ProGet Enterprise supports LDAP so users granted privileges do not even need to log in to the web application to perform their desired tasks. Learn more.

Detailed Security Privileges

Users and groups can be assigned very granular tasks within ProGet. Learn more.

Integrated Symbol & Source Server

Symbol Server

ProGet includes a built-in symbol server that automatically makes symbol files in your packages available to debuggers such as Visual Studio. Learn more.

Source Server

The built-in source server allows you to easily step into the code of your NuGet package libraries while debugging. Learn more.

Combined Symbol Package

Optionally use a single NuGet package and have ProGet automatically strip out symbols and source files, rather than require a separate .symbols.nupkg file.


Fully Supports OData

The feed provided by ProGet supports the full OData query syntax. Just tell ProGet what packages you want, not how to get them.

JSON Output for OData Feed

ProGet fully implements NuGet's XML feeds, and additionally adds the ability to query for packages and return the terser JSON syntax.


Anything that you can do from ProGet's UI can also be done using its API, which is available via SOAP or JSON.


Extend ProGet's functionality using custom filters, notifiers, package stores, and more using its .NET-based SDK.

Support for NuGet Extensions

Feed Discovery

Allows client tools to retreive a list of feeds hosted on the ProGet server. Learn more.

Nuspec Extensions

Exposes additional package metadata available from nuspec extensions. Learn more.


Create Reusable Scripts

Add PowerShell scripts to ProGet with parameters, and they can be assigned to deployable packages for simple deployment reuse.

Remote Chocolatey Execution

Deploying from ProGet will remotely execute a Chocolatey install command. View the progress live as if you were logged into the server itself.

Project Overview

Get a quick overview of all your deployment projects' statuses and their deployed versions in a single, easy-to-read location.

Server Targeting

Deploying a project to an environment may contain multiple packages (web, service, etc.). By specifying server targets, only select deployment packages are deployed to their assigned servers.