The easiest Package Management Server for NuGet, Chocolatey, OneGet & npm

Host Your Own Repositories

Nuget, Chocolatey, OneGet & npm

ProGet's interface makes it simple to create new package management repositories with the click of a button. View the contents of the feeds via the web interface, Visual Studio, or through the client of your choice (NuGet.exe, NuGet Package Explorer, npm, etc.)

Feed Aggregation

Transparently connect to other feeds

Connectors allow externally-hosted feeds such as the NuGet Gallery,, or the registry to return packages as if they were a part of the feed itself. There is no limit to the number of connectors that can be added, and you may optionally cache all packages consumed by the remote feeds in case the remote feed experiences an outage.

Connected Feed Filtering

Filter external feeds by package or license

Certain packages may be white or black-listed by name, and some open-source licenses can bind organizations to undesirable terms; ProGet helps ensure that only packages with acceptable licensing terms are permitted in your feed.

Build/Deployment Server Integration

Push and pull packages at build time

ProGet just works with your favorite build, continuous integration, or other third-party tools including BuildMaster, to Team City, Cruise Control, Octopus Deploy, and SiteCore... just to name a few.

Symbol & Source Server

Integrated right into your feed

There's no need to use a separate symbol server for your packages that contain PDBs, you can step-into debug your packages from your favorite debugger like Visual Studio or WinDbg.

Quick & Easy Install

Get your server up and running in minutes

From the quick download to the 1-minute installation process you will have a ready-to-use NuGet, Chocolatey, and npm feed/registry server.

Users & Security

Granular control of feed privileges

User privileges can be applied granularly in ProGet Enterprise, allowing fine-grained control of who can access which feeds. ProGet may also be configured to use Windows Authentication, so developers do not need to remember another API key or set of credentials.

Deployments With Chocolatey

Deploy Chocolatey packages without agents

Add parameterized PowerShell scripts to deployable Chocolatey packages for simple deployment reuse. These packages can be deployed from ProGet and will remotely execute a Chocolatey install command where users can view the progress live as if you were logged into the server itself.

And all of this with Extensibility in mind...

ProGet allows you to create custom package stores, download/upload adapters, and more, along with complete control of the ProGet administrative UI through a JSON or SOAP API.

Get Started

With ProGet, you can have your own locally running NuGet feed, npm registry, and Chocolatey server running within minutes. Although the software is pretty intuitive to use on its own, we do have some tutorials, pretty decent documentation, and an active community that can help with more advanced usage scenarios.