Announcing ProGet 5.0 - now in Beta

Introducing next generation ProGet; new features, new look, same reliable package management.

Download the ProGet 5.0 Beta

ProGet 5.0 - The Next Generation

The biggest upgrades in this version of ProGet include a modernized design, Containers and Compliance as high level concepts, and the introduction of our newest feature, Webhooks.

You can download the 5.0 Beta today.

A Modern Design for ProGet

Along with the slightly more clean and modern UI in ProGet, you'll notice we've introduced a new logo, and updated the top navigation.

We feel this navigation will create a more intuitive user experience, more accurately reflecting the evolving direction of ProGet and Universal Package Managers, as well as their place in an Enterprise-level DevOps toolchain.

Introducing ProGet Webhooks

Recently, we've seen an increase in requests for a notifier feature. When exploring how to add this functionality, we wanted to add something that wouldn't be limited to just an email notification. So we decided to add Webhooks as one of our ProGet v5 features. Webhooks help you connect ProGet with other services; like deployment tools, chatbots, ITSM platforms, and more.

NuGet support expanded

NuGet historically has a lot of versioning quirks For example, 1.0 and 1.0.0 are considered to be separate versions, which means you can have two packages with basically the same version number. Recently, Microsoft has been working to elimate these quirks over the years and moving towards a well-defined versioning scheme (SemVer2).

Many organization however rely on these quirks which is why we’ve been reluctant to include them in ProGet. Beginning in ProGet 5.0, we’re introducing a new NuGet feed type that will support only SemVer 2 version numbers.

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