ProGet 5.3 – is Released!

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ProGet 5.3 has advanced container support, including strict versioning and layer visibility. Integrate with Otter and Kubernetes to see not just that your packages and containers are in use, but where. And we redesigned the UI to make it even more user-friendly. 5.3 is now the default for new ProGet users. Get started through the Inedo Hub:

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If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for ProGet 5.3.

Enhanced Container Versioning

ProGet can now enforce meaningful SemVer 2.0 versioning on container tags.

Container Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is nothing new to ProGet, but now you can manage your container vulnerabilities directly in ProGet. You can enter vulnerabilities manually or automatically using our integration with RedHat’s Clair API. You can also asses and block images from being used that have known security vulnerabilities in them.

Improved Container Layer Visibility

ProGet has enhanced its visibility to which layers make up a container image including which commands were used to build each layer. ProGet also shows which layers have vulnerabilities attached to them.

Helm Chart Container Visibility

ProGet 5.2 added the Helm Chart repository was added to our feed types. In 5.3, you now can view which containers are used in your charts and automatically link them to your internal container registries.

Improved UI

ProGet 5.3 has simplified viewing and managing packages and container repositories.

Container & Package Usage

ProGet 5.3 now integrates with Otter and Kubernetes to show not just a historical record of package and container deployment but also where different packages and containers are running within your infrastructure in real-time.

NuGet v3 API

ProGet 5.3 has added support for the NuGet v3 API. You can now access your NuGet packages using the v3 or v2 APIs.

ProGet v5 Roadmap

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Check out the Product Roadmap for past versions of ProGet.